Do you believe in Guardian Angels?

Feather from Guardian Angel?

Feather from Guardian Angel?

Early this morning a white fluffy feather floated down from the sky . . . landing at my feet. I looked up thinking a bird must be overhead. But I did not see anything except for a few clouds and blue sky. I immediately thought, ‘I wonder if this is a sign from my guardian angel?’

I’m curious if you believe in Guardian Angels and if you have ever received a sign?



Bonny Brookes is the author of the emotionally-riveting award-winning books, “Linked Lives” and “Darkest Dawn.” You can follow her at Twitter or Facebook.




Curl up with this great book!

Do you like juicy murder mysteries with a taste of romance? I read Kelly Marshall’s 6 White Roses, a 5-star rated book, from cover to cover. Every time I thought I’d knew ‘whodunit,’ a new twist came up that kept me turning the pages. I highly recommend reading this book when you want a few hours to relax by yourself!

Kelly Marshall-6 White Roses

Murder Mystery

** Bonny Brookes is the author of “Linked Lives” and “Darkest Dawn.” Follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

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