Linked Lives Busts Into Top 400!

It seems that being selected as one of the “Top 50 Writers You Should Be Reading” by the Author’s Show is making a difference. I am currently busy at work on a book proposal and needed some information, so went to Amazon to check on some things. Low and behold that’s when I discovered my book, Linked Lives, busted through into the top 400 books of women authors of literature! As of this morning, it’s #391. I am so jazzed!!!!

If you haven’t read it yet, Linked Lives is a memoir written in honor of my best friend, about our friendship, encouragement, inspiration and unconditional love experienced over a lifetime. For anyone who has ever had a best friend, especially of the Baby Boomer generation, they’ll find themselves easily relating to this poignant story.

Since it’s release, Linked Lives has received numerous 5-star reviews, and several book awards, including the 2014 Beverly Hill International Book Award. Get your copy now at Amazon.

Linked Lives by Bonny Brookes

Linked Lives is a two-time international book award winner.

Wow! My book is in the library!!

Went to the local library yesterday morning to return some books and what a thrill it was to see this…my book on display on the NEW BOOKS table. And to find out from the librarian people were asking for it! Yeah! Made my day!!

If you haven’t read it, or are looking for a great gift to show your best friend how special she is to you, gift a copy of Linked Lives!

Deadline is November 3rd!

The deadline for voting for me (Bonny Brookes) as one of the Top 50 Writers you should be reading is this coming Thursday. If you’ve already voted…thanks so much..and you can vote again! If not, please take a minute now to go to, click on “next” then scroll down, and click next to Bonny Brookes (memoirs).

If you haven’t read it, you can listen to a radio interview I did earlier this year, as well as reviews at

I really appreciate your support. Thanks!

Wow! I’ve been nominated…

I have been nominated as one of the 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading. If you have read either of my books and happen to agree with that, please vote for me (my name is near the end of the list) by clicking here. If you haven’t read my books yet, they are available here. Thank for your time and effort!

A story of best friends

Linked Lives by Bonny Brookes epitomizes true friendship

I’m so excited!!!

I have had the extreme honor of being interviewed for The Authors Show – an internet radio program. My 15-minute interview, promoting my award winning book, is being broadcast on MONDAY (January 25th) repeatedly throughout the day. I hope you are able to listen!

Here is the link:  then click on the underlined book title link to LINKED LIVES to hear the interview. The interview plays on from Midnight to 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time Zone for a period of 23 hours.

If you haven’t read the book,here’s the link:
A story of best friends

Linked Lives by Bonny Brookes epitomizes true friendship

7 Steps to Sell YOUR Book using Press Releases

Can press releases about your book grab the media’s attention? Yes, if done correctly. There is a format to them, and certain key elements that are absolutely necessary. If those are missing, your release will land in the slush pile.

I’ve played around with releases for several years and think I’ve come up with a format and style that works. At least it’s working for me. Last week when one of my books was named a finalist in a national book award contest, I sent out a few dozen releases. It got picked up and Monday the story appeared. Yeah! The magazine used the wording of the release almost verbatim – so you can see how I wrote the release.

I thought I’d share what I’ve learned and hopefully you’ll pick up a few helpful tips for writing attention-grabbing news releases to promote YOUR book and bring you more sales!

1) Write an attention-grabbing headline. It must be newsworthy. Not that you wrote a book (thousands of people do that everyday), but rather something unique and how it can tie into some current event.

2) Use the correct format (sample below) including the (a) title, (b) “For Immediate Release,” (c) Summary, (d) the six paragraphs, including a quote and finally, (e) the contact information. Never, ever go beyond one page. Always end with the “#” sign.

3) Include (insert into the body) a photo of your book cover and your photograph.

4) Send it to the correct people. It takes time to discover who are the correct people, it may involve calling around, but it’s well worth it. For TV and radio you want to reach either the producers or associate producers. Make sure the stations you contact do book reviews or author interviews. If they don’t, move on. For newspapers and magazines, contact the arts, entertainment or book editors. Also, don’t forget to send it to your college alumni office, your fraternity/sorority national magazine, all groups you belong to, every newspaper of everywhere you have ever lived, etc.

5) Depending on your budget, submit your release to PR sites (, etc.) Some are free, some are not. These sites don’t usually gain you media attention, but they could increase the traffic to your website to increase your books sales and isn’t that what you actually want?

6) In addition to the release, be sure to share the news, in a conversational way, with your friends via email and social media networks. Include a picture of your book’s cover along with a link to read/purchase it.

7) Finally, follow up with the people who received your release. Call them and offer to give them an interview. Since many authors skip this step, you will stand out.

I hope you have found this helpful and the media snaps up your release and promotes you and your book!  The sample format is shown below.

Title (bold, initial caps only)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (all caps, in bold)

Subtitle (initial caps only, regular text-not bold)

City, State – Date (bold)

1st Paragraph – Grabs attention immediately with the most important information first. This should only be 2-3 sentences telling the who, what, when, where, and why. It often covers the same information from the summary, but in more detail.

2nd Paragraph – Tell more about the book. Why did you write it? Who would enjoy reading it? What’s it about? Give the media a reason why they should select to review or read your book instead of all the others submitted.

3rd Paragraph – This should be a short quote from a respected authority or from a review. To make this stand out, put the quote in italics and center it.

4th Paragraph – Here is where the information goes about where the book is available for purchase and any other general information you want to share (publisher, ISBN number, available in paperback or e-book on

5th Paragraph – Tell the reader what to do. Your call to action. Typically it’s something like: “For more information about your book title or to schedule an interview with the author, please contact your name [or publicist’s name] at phone number [or email].”  – NOTE: When posting releases on PR websites, use links rather than phone numbers and email addresses for security reasons.

6th Paragraph – In bold lettering: About the Author followed by a brief background about you, including professional credentials and be sure to mention any previously published work, awards, or significant reviews you’ve received.

Final Paragraph – In bold lettering Contact Information followed by your contact information: name, address, phone, email, website. (See 5th paragraph above regarding security measures.)

Bonny Brookes is the author of the award-winning books Linked Lives and Darkest Dawn. For more information, please visit her website.

Are YOUR books selling?

An author I know is having phenomenal success with her latest book. It’s an ebook on Amazon and her sales in June increased 53% ! (see her marketing piece below).

Yet my sales flounder. Are your books selling consistently each month? Do you know who is buying them? Do you think pricing makes a difference? Are you sending press releases? Do you have paperbacks in addition to ebooks? How do you reach potential readers? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas, and together we could all learn and grow!

Looking forward to your comments!

Bonny Brookes

Author of Award-winning memoir about best friends, Linked Lives

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