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Have you ever had the opportunity to have your name on the cover of a book or get a pre-publication edition of a book? Here’s your chance!

Many folks have asked (after reading Linked Lives and my other award-winning books and short stories) when would I be writing another book. Well, I have started work on my next novel! The working title is “The Yellow House.”

Yellow House Cover

This story takes the reader back in time to mid-20th century as they follow a girl’s life, moving from farm to city, and experience her loves, losses and even the violence she encounters from those she loves the most.

Interested? Only the first 50 people who response with their name and email address will be included on the “invited only” reader list. Do it now and you may have the opportunity to read the story, chapter by chapter, as it is being written.  And, should you be willing to write a review once you’ve read the entire book, your review may wind up on the back cover!

To get you started, below is the Prelude (1st chapter) to The Yellow House by Bonny Brookes.


My eyes opened to blackness. Where was I? Reaching out I felt the stiffness of the dry hay under my hands. I rolled my head to the side, causing it to throb. Looking up, I watched faint rays of sunlight slowly appear, cascading through an opening. The top half of the stall door was swung open allowing this light to illuminate the area I found myself in, lying flat on my back. And then, I remembered.

Bolt, my beloved black horse of the past fifteen years who had a white stripe running down her side in the shape of a lighting bolt, had been frightened and kicked up her front legs. In doing so, she grazed me in the process and sent me backwards. Yet she was not in the stall now. Where was she? What had startled her?

I rolled over, reached up and grasped the ledge on the bottom half of the stall door to heave myself up, while fighting the dizziness that threatened to send me back to the ground. Once erect, I placed my hand on my forehead, in an attempt to stop the throbbing. Soon the reeling slowed and I looked around. Sunlight filtered through the barn’s open door and I could easily see Bolt was not inside.

Tentatively, I pushed open the unlatched stall door and with each step, gained strength making my way to the barn’s exit. As I got closer to the door, I heard loud, angry male voices. Suddenly, a deafening boom ripped through the air followed by complete silence.

I raced outside, yet temporarily blinded by the full sunlight, I didn’t see the large object in front of me and landed with a thud on top of something. I placed my hands underneath me to push myself up and felt a soft and familiar body. I looked down to see my beloved Bolt. Dead.

Lifting my head, I saw my father ten feet away holding a smoking rifle in his hands. Next to him stood a man I despised. On his face he wore a sinister grin.

Interested? Then please send your email address and name now and I’ll let you know if you made the top 50 list! Also, if you know of someone else who may be interested, feel free to forward this message on!


Working on my next story…


Just wanted to share I’ve been busy at work writing my next story, “Love Transcends Death.” Here’s a snippit:

I reached over touching cold sheets. Where’d he go? He had felt so close. I opened my eyes seeing only early morning sunlight spilling into the room. Had it just been a dream?

Adrian. I hadn’t seen him in years. I first laid eyes on him at a beach bonfire party in California. Although we’d never met, I’d felt a jolt of recognition course through my body. From that moment, we rarely spent time apart and the closeness I felt to him only intensified.

Three years after meeting, we stood in the Justice of the Peace’s office. Despite loving Adrian more than anything, the terrifying glimpses I’d witnessed of his anger scampered across my mind provoking me, at the last minute, to call off the wedding . . . breaking both of our hearts.

Not even the man I eventually married had Adrian’s ability to know what I was thinking without ever saying a word. On Adrian’s thirtieth birthday, my daughter came into the world. Her birth reinforced my connection to him. I knew thoughts of Adrian would drift into my mind with each annual celebration.

Now, decades later, what would have caused me to have such a vivid dream of him? To feel Adrian’s presence after so much time had elapsed? Those questions haunted me…

If you haven’t read my first two award-winning books, Linked Lives and Darkest Dawn…they are available on Amazon.

Wow! My book is in the library!!

Went to the local library yesterday morning to return some books and what a thrill it was to see this…my book on display on the NEW BOOKS table. And to find out from the librarian people were asking for it! Yeah! Made my day!!

If you haven’t read it, or are looking for a great gift to show your best friend how special she is to you, gift a copy of Linked Lives!

Wow! I’ve been nominated…

I have been nominated as one of the 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading. If you have read either of my books and happen to agree with that, please vote for me (my name is near the end of the list) by clicking here. If you haven’t read my books yet, they are available here. Thank for your time and effort!

A story of best friends

Linked Lives by Bonny Brookes epitomizes true friendship

I’m so excited!!!

I have had the extreme honor of being interviewed for The Authors Show – an internet radio program. My 15-minute interview, promoting my award winning book, is being broadcast on MONDAY (January 25th) repeatedly throughout the day. I hope you are able to listen!

Here is the link:  then click on the underlined book title link to LINKED LIVES to hear the interview. The interview plays on from Midnight to 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time Zone for a period of 23 hours.

If you haven’t read the book,here’s the link:
A story of best friends

Linked Lives by Bonny Brookes epitomizes true friendship

In Celebration of National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month. There are scads of books and shows about children adopted, from the children’s views, from the adoptive parents’ view, but what goes on in the mind of the woman who is alone and scared and pregnant? The woman who faces one of the hardest decisions she’ll ever make, the woman who goes through the pain of childbirth and yet ends up alone? What makes her decide to give up her child for adoption?

Darkest Dawn, based on true events, follows one birth mother’s story. Readers get into Linda’s head and into her heart as she navigates through one of the most painful decisions any woman could ever face, giving away her unborn child to strangers.

It’s an endearing story that is a short, quick read . It will touch your heart. Have the tissues handy.” – L. Elliott, San Diego, CA

Awarded the 2014 National Indie Excellent Book Award, Darkest Dawn is available in print and Kindle formats at

Open Adoption Story

One woman’s journey of childbirth and adoption



Received a note today…

Linked Lives by Bonny Brookes

Linked Lives is a two-time international book award winner.

I received the following note from a woman who recently read my book, Linked Lives.

You owe me….one whole box of Kleenex tissue! Please Jesus, God almighty, for cripes sake, I can’t stop crying. You hit a nerve…I am you, and my best friend, since I was 11, is Cheryl (to whom this book is going). She stayed in the town she grew up in, and where I lived for 4 years…I spent my life living around the country. And that’s just the start…we are now 58 years old.

Bonny. thank you for touching my heart.

Thank you Linda, for taking the time to write to me! Your note has made all the months I spent writing, editing and going through the publishing process worth it. Thank you!

If you’ve read Linked Lives, I’d love to hear from you. If you haven’t, get your copy today!

It happened again!

Linked Lives by Bonny Brookes

Linked Lives wins another award

I’ve been so busy with moving, starting new job and dealing with the loss of a pet, I haven’t had a chance until now to share that my book, Linked Lives, has won another award! Reader’s Favorite received thousands of entries making this their largest contest ever resulting in fierce competition and the selection hard earned. Next month I’ll be traveling to Miami to accept it onstage during the Miami Book Fair International . This award is the 2014 Honorable Mention under the category of Relationships from Readers’ Favorite.

If you haven’t already read it, Linked Lives is a story of a 40-year friendship filled with life lessons learned by overcoming incredible adversity, poverty, family struggles, losses through illness and death as well as betrayals in love. This memoir appeals to baby boomer women, taking them back through time from the 1970s to present day. Readers finish the book reminded of their own close friendships and the knowledge of how important staying in contact with good friends is to a person’s happiness.

What a year it’s been! Linked Lives earned the 2014 International Beverly Hills Book Award earlier this year. I’m truly grateful and appreciate everyone who has helped me along this journey. What a ride!

Increasing Book Sales using Twitter

Do you find sometimes it’s more challenging to sell your book than it was to write it? These days, with all of the self publishing options, the competition to sell books is fierce. Did you know most authors only sell 100 books, or less. So what’s the secret to reach readers who buy books?

Not to toot my horn, but rather to establish my book can’t be that bad, Linked Lives has received several 5-star ratings and won an international book award, yet sales are slow. Why? I’ve been sending press releases that resulted in media coverage of Linked Lives, as well as created a book trailer, a website and other marketing strategies. Still, I haven’t experienced a huge increase in sales.

Therefore, I continue researching to discover what has worked for other authors. Today I came across this article about using Twitter to increase book sales and wanted to share it with you. I hope you find it useful. If you are already “tweeting” about your book, would you be willing to share what kind of success your having?  Has it increased your book sales a little or a lot? I would love to hear what is working for you—especially if your book has sold over a thousand copies. How’d you do it? Thanks for reading my blog!



Bonny Brookes is the author of the award-winning books, Linked Lives and Darkest Dawn.

A story of best friends

Linked Lives by Bonny Brookes epitomizes true friendship

Open Adoption Story

One woman’s journey of childbirth and adoption

Do you have a best friend?

Linked Lives: A Memoir of an Extraordinary 40-Year FriendshipBonny Brooks has written a heart-warming story about her life-long friend Lori. Click below for the full review.

Linked Lives: A Memoir of an Extraordinary 40-Year Friendship by Bonny Brookes

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