Working on my next story…


Just wanted to share I’ve been busy at work writing my next story, “Love Transcends Death.” Here’s a snippit:

I reached over touching cold sheets. Where’d he go? He had felt so close. I opened my eyes seeing only early morning sunlight spilling into the room. Had it just been a dream?

Adrian. I hadn’t seen him in years. I first laid eyes on him at a beach bonfire party in California. Although we’d never met, I’d felt a jolt of recognition course through my body. From that moment, we rarely spent time apart and the closeness I felt to him only intensified.

Three years after meeting, we stood in the Justice of the Peace’s office. Despite loving Adrian more than anything, the terrifying glimpses I’d witnessed of his anger scampered across my mind provoking me, at the last minute, to call off the wedding . . . breaking both of our hearts.

Not even the man I eventually married had Adrian’s ability to know what I was thinking without ever saying a word. On Adrian’s thirtieth birthday, my daughter came into the world. Her birth reinforced my connection to him. I knew thoughts of Adrian would drift into my mind with each annual celebration.

Now, decades later, what would have caused me to have such a vivid dream of him? To feel Adrian’s presence after so much time had elapsed? Those questions haunted me…

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