Robin Williams-Did he see himself as a failure?

I just watched the report on the death of Robin Williams. Devastating. It seems so obvious to me what was going on in his mind. His wife goes to bed at 10:30. He goes to a different room. Hmmm…only 3 years of marriage and not even sleeping together? Then his wife leaves the house in the morning, without even checking on him, let alone speaking to him? Hmmm.

A marriage counselor once told me that a marriage affects 90% of your life. If it’s a loving marriage, that’s wonderful. But, if the relationship is strained or incompatible, everything else doesn’t matter, life is miserable, even unbearable. And, that brings on depression—severe depression. The kind that leaves you asking, “what’s the point of it all?”

I think it’s obvious Mr. Williams and his wife were having problems, Mr. Williams probably saw himself as a failure, all he wanted was love, and here was marriage #3 in the toilet, and without much forethought, he just decided to chuck it all with whatever he could find: a pocket knife, but that didn’t work; and then a belt, that did.

Someone else very, very close to me, took his life. It rocked my world. What we can learn from this is how important the people in our life are and how vitally important it is to call, tell them you love them, listen to them. You never know what’s going on with them, unless you take a minute to ask. We need each other much more than society acknowledges. In the end, all of us just want to belong, be connected, be loved.

A comic genius is now on the other side with his mentor, Jonathan Winters. God must be rolling over from belly laughs.

Passing of Robin Williams

Origin of Photos

Origin of Photos

Bonny Brookes is the award-winning author of Linked Lives (2014 International Book Award Winner) and Darkest Dawn (2014 National Book Award winner). Both books are based on true stories about relationships and life-altering choices that changed lives.

2 thoughts on “Robin Williams-Did he see himself as a failure?

  1. Robin Williams was a tortured soul long before he got married. He was having problems as a child in Birmingham, Michigan where he grew up.

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