Are YOUR books selling?

An author I know is having phenomenal success with her latest book. It’s an ebook on Amazon and her sales in June increased 53% ! (see her marketing piece below).

Yet my sales flounder. Are your books selling consistently each month? Do you know who is buying them? Do you think pricing makes a difference? Are you sending press releases? Do you have paperbacks in addition to ebooks? How do you reach potential readers? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas, and together we could all learn and grow!

Looking forward to your comments!

Bonny Brookes

Author of Award-winning memoir about best friends, Linked Lives

Riveting murder mystery

3 thoughts on “Are YOUR books selling?

  1. I am just getting ready to release my first book “Because of You” as an ebook this fall. I would love to hear more about marketing! With being “new” it’s hard to get footing.

    • I will share as I learn! I did run across a great article about promoting books on facebook the other day by Rebecca Savastio. Sorry, I don’t have the link available, but you could probably google it. To get off to a great start, begin promoting your book even before you publish. Also, there is a monthly newsletter for writers called “Words from the Wizard” with marketing tips you may be interested in reading. Check them out at

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