Cat Travel: Purr Cat Cafe Club Bangkok

For kitty lovers…enjoy!


Today’s main attraction was the Cat Cafe Purr Cat Cafe Club in Bangkok

Just like the cat cafe in HK in my previous post it wasn’t the easiest to find! But well worth the effort to find it.

When you first get into the cat area you will find a stair case that leads to a high ceiling walk way for the kitties:




All of the cats freely move around and were very friendly and of course tried to get into our bags!!!


Of course no cat cafe would be complete without some snacks for us humans. We had a chocolate cake, tiramisu and green tea latte:



In addition to their young adults and older cats they also had some very cute kittens. For their safety these were with their mother in a separate area of the cafe:




Some of the cats were more playful than others, especially when feathers…

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