Buyer Beware!

My car battery was dead this morning. Got a jump, and it started right up and all was fine, until I went to start up again a few hours later, same thing and all was well (several short trips and started up each time), until parking for an extended period. Then, dead again, but started on first try when jumped.

I ended up being told my battery was dead (had two reputable companies check) despite it not being old and was told I needed to buy a new battery. But wait, what about just charging it? It fires up immediately. Something is draining the battery, shouldn’t that be checked out?! NO, I’m told. Well $120 later with a new battery, I arrive home. Come into the house, then look out to see my brake lights are stuck ON. This is what drained my battery. It turns out a faulty sensor is keeping the brake lights on, and that is what drained the battery. The battery was good, and could have been recharged through the alternator, if only these men just checked out what caused the battery to go dead. Now, I have more money to spend on a new sensor. Que Sara. Customer service today – well, it leaves a lot to be desired. Everyone seems to be out for a quick buck. Buyer beware!

One thought on “Buyer Beware!

  1. Today’s mechanics are the stupidest ever. Plus you may not like it but I can almost guarantee they took advantage of you because your a woman. Happens all the time. Sorry you had trouble I hope it all has worked itself out.

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