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My book just won an award!


National Book Award Winner

I’m so excited and thrilled to announce that my 5-star-rated book, Darkest Dawnis the national WINNER of the Indie Excellence Book Awards (pregnancy and childbirth). If you know of anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy or just want to experience what it must be like to give up your first-born child, this short book (73 pages) is sure to keep you turning the pages. It’s inspirational, packed with powerful emotions and extreme risks that take you on a gripping ride sure to stir your heart and encourage your soul.

Friends make the world go round

I just got a call from someone I haven’t spoken with in years. He found me by googling my name and we had a nice chat and it was the highlight of my day.


His call make me realize how easy it is to reconnect with long, lost friends these days. Yet, why don’t people do it more often? Take 5 or 10 minutes out of their hectic lives to just say hi? I know we are all busy, but in the end, it’s the people in our lives that make our life worth living. Ask anyone who is dying and they’ll say that’s their biggest regret – not staying in touch with friends.

So live life to the fullest! If someone has been on your mind lately, google them. Call them. You’ll both feel so much better and have a new memory!

Birthmother’s Day is today – what is it?

Did you know today is Birthmother’s Day? (It’s always the Saturday before Mother’s Day.)

Birthmother’s Day is not a holiday recognized by general society, perhaps only celebrated by birthmothers themselves. Many people aren’t aware of what goes through a woman’s mind and heart as she faces the hardest decision she’ll ever make. The 5-star rated story, Darkest Dawn (ISBN: 0966134214 / Publisher: Wizard of Words) by Bonny Brookes, beautifully portrays a birthmother’s selfless act. This book, filled with raw emotion, warms the heart as it encapsulates the truest form of unconditional love a woman can ever offer – giving up her own child for the child’s sake and the benefit of fulfilling a childless couple’s greatest desire.

Cover of the book DARKEST DAWN

Darkest Dawn, a 5-star rated book about a birthmother’s road to choosing adoption.

Birthmother’s day was actually created in 1990 by a group of birthmothers around Seattle in an effort not only to educate, but more importantly, to honor and remember. Darkest Dawn teaches us all the reason to celebrate and recognize birthmothers on Saturday, May 10th.

Buyer Beware!

My car battery was dead this morning. Got a jump, and it started right up and all was fine, until I went to start up again a few hours later, same thing and all was well (several short trips and started up each time), until parking for an extended period. Then, dead again, but started on first try when jumped.

I ended up being told my battery was dead (had two reputable companies check) despite it not being old and was told I needed to buy a new battery. But wait, what about just charging it? It fires up immediately. Something is draining the battery, shouldn’t that be checked out?! NO, I’m told. Well $120 later with a new battery, I arrive home. Come into the house, then look out to see my brake lights are stuck ON. This is what drained my battery. It turns out a faulty sensor is keeping the brake lights on, and that is what drained the battery. The battery was good, and could have been recharged through the alternator, if only these men just checked out what caused the battery to go dead. Now, I have more money to spend on a new sensor. Que Sara. Customer service today – well, it leaves a lot to be desired. Everyone seems to be out for a quick buck. Buyer beware!