Happy Plum Pudding Day!

Today is National Plum Pudding Day (along with Abraham Lincoln’s birthday). My first question about plum pudding is, why would it be celebrated in February, when it’s a Christmas treat? Secondly, why is it named plum pudding, when there are no plums in its ingredients? Finally, have you ever eaten plum pudding? I haven’t.

Another big event taking place in Russia is the winter Olympics. As a child I used to love watching the Olympics, especially the ice skaters. I spent hours practicing skating on the frozen pond behind our house in Michigan while growing up. I even dreamed about competing as a skater in the Olympics. Since this year’s events started, I’ve been so busy taking real estate classes to renew my broker’s license, I haven’t had the time to even watch the Olympics. Have you? There’s still time…catch the games through February 23rd.


My kitty, Tabby, got very ill yesterday. She’s so old and frail and I was dreading waking up this morning. But miracles of miracles, God answered my prayers. She seems to be doing fine this morning, ate a large breakfast and is walking around. I’m so relieved. I love the critters in my life. Their are my furry children. But I know we are only blessed with their presence for a short time. Tabby is 20 now. I’ve been very blessed.

Lastly, because I’m studying all the real estate stuff at the moment to renew my broker’s license, I’ve been researching and was surprised to learned that a Texas city (not Houston) is now larger than both my favorite US city, San Diego, CA as well as Dallas, Texas…can you guess which city in Texas that is? And what has caused it’s exponential growth?

Friday is Valentine’s Day. Something I haven’t celebrated in over 10 years. If you are blessed to have a sweetheart, spend some time sharing your love with each other this Friday…and everyday. Love is the reason for being.

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