Weekly Update

Sunday was gorgeous in the 70s, but this morning, schools are cancelled because of an ice storm.

Last week I shared I was going to rearrange my downstairs…and so I did. I love the new arrangement. It’s more open and flows better and allows more natural light. Change is good!

A friend of mine is on a road trip, sending me photos of his adventures. Makes me itchy to go on one myself, so later this week, that’s what I’m doing! I love driving, admiring the beauty of the scenery and finding wildlife. I’m taking the camera, so if I get any decent shots, I’ll post them next week. Who knows, one of them may end up in the San Diego Fair, again.  What do you think about my last accepted entry, “Puppy Love?” (Have I mentioned I love animals?)


Featured photograph in San Diego’s County Fair, 2012

This week has been an exciting one for my books. Both received favorable reviews . . . mostly 5-star reviews! The full reviews are posted on my website. Now the cover of Linked Lives is being updated to reflect the new status, Below is a sample photo of what it will be (in a few weeks).


Linked Lives receives 5-star award!

The sun should be out soon, so I need to run! Thanks for reading, enjoy your week and make some happy memories. Until next time . . .

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